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New Year … New You?!

As the festivities are over and the New Year is upon us this is the time when most of us start with the resolutions…. Are we going to give it a go? Yes. Are we going to stick to them? Probably not. So with this being the time of year that most women start to think about a new skin routine, product or ritual let me help you gain some simple perspective!

Do you really need a new skin routine?

Firstly, ask yourself, is what you are currently doing making a difference? Have you seen a difference in your skin? Is it more hydrated, smoother etc?

If your answer is yes, do not read on! Your work here is done. Keep doing what you are doing.

However, if your answer is no, then let’s look at the options.

If your moisturiser isn’t making the difference at all then changing to a different one is probably the best thing to do, but which one. My advice would be to try the products on your face before buying ideally. This isn’t always possible though, so as a minimum try the moisturiser on the back of the hand (not just a section the whole hand). If you use a certain makeup remover or cleanser use the same one prior to trying the new moisturiser so that you can see exactly how it will work with the current products you use! Then compare this hand to your other…. can you see any difference? Lastly wait…. if you still like the finish and feel hours later, buy, if not keep trying.

If you like your moisturiser and can see some difference from using it, but it seems to not work as well at certain times of the year, or you feel the results could be better. Firstly, ask yourself what you do want?

Is it more hydration? If this is the case you could always use a serum with your existing moisturiser this will make the moisturiser work much harder by allowing it to penetrate further into the skin.

Is it a smoother finish? You may need to invest in a remover or cleanser to really deep clean the skin and remove all surface dirt. If the skin has dry areas or flaky skin then an exfoliator will remove the dead skin cells and smooth.

Is it less shine? Your skin feels too greasy? Then look at oil free moisturisers or an oil absorbing primer or even a toner to help tighten and close the pores. Also switching from a moisturiser (which is thicker in consistency) to a lotion (which is more lightweight) would help.

Is it longer wearing? Is your moisturiser perfect all day but towards the end of the day or when you’ve been in an air conditioned environment it seems to wear off? Then maybe the option is a hydrating mist to spritz over your face and makeup adding moisture.

So what do all the different types of products really do? Here’s the low down, plain and simple:

Cleanser: this product cleans the skin and removes surface dirt can come in the form of liquid (like a makeup remover) or a face wash. This step is important as the cleaner the skin the smother everything else will sit on it.

Exfoliator: this product removes the dead skin cells and this helps new skin cells to rejuvenate.

Toner: this product helps to close pores and therefore has a tightening feeling and helps protect the skin from dirt.

Serum: this product is designed to penetrate into the skin cells and used before a moisturiser to also enable the moisturiser to ‘work harder’ this means it allows the moisturiser to penetrate further too.

Lotion or Moisturiser: these products are to hydrate and prevent dryness of the skin. A lotion has a lightweight feel and a moisturiser would have a much thicker creamier feel. It also works as a barrier for your skin.

Primer: this product is used before using foundation and is a smoothing layer allowing makeup to sit smoother.

Moisture sprirtz: this product is to add hydration after makeup application to the skin to allow skin to be hydrated for longer.

So which products do I need to try and which brand would be the best one? I hear you ask. Sadly, I can’t answer every dilemma in one go as we are all so different, hopefully this has given you a start in the right direction.

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