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4 makeup fails! Are you failing your face?

So the list of new products or techniques that you ‘must’ try are just never ending and you are always wondering why after no matter what you try you always end up looking the same. Sound familiar?

Well let me change that now. These tips will have you looking more flawless, radiant and youthful in no time!

I want the most flawless skin and I think this amazing new foundation will give me it! Don’t fail your face, you may be wearing the wrong foundation yes, but, the secret to skin looking flawless is the way it is applied. Foundation carries natural moisture that can sometimes be absorbed by your hands when applied, therefore not really giving you the best from your foundation. Foundation is usually best applied with a brush, a synthetic brush to be precise. Why? Well would you ever use your hands to paint your walls at home? No! Because hand application is much more uneven, a brush distributes the product evenly, takes away any excess and doesn’t alter the properties of the product.

So what kind of brush? I hear you ask. Well if you are using your hands the chances are just a classic foundation brush will show you much better results. However on the other hand if you are already using one of these and want to go even more flawless a stiff very dense stippling brush used in circular motions from the T Zone outwards would give a really flawless look.

I’ll just finish my makeup off with powder! Don’t fail your face. So you’ve spent all this time making your face look amazing…. hydrated and flawless and now you want to dust powder all over it? So a face powder is brilliant if you love the matt look but sometimes your powder is completely guilty of flattening your natural features and completely takes away your high points and youthfulness. By all means if you use powder because you get shiny then resist putting it everywhere, yes apply it but use a small brush and only tend to the areas that get shiny i.e. the forehead, chin or T  Zone. Start off with a little product and again build, don’t lose your natural radiance.

A2 REC Makeup Fails COL img 1.jpg

I should get the darker foundation as when I go on holiday I’ll have a tan and it won’t match! Don’t fail your face, actually if you want to accentuate your high points for example, your forehead, your brow bone, cheekbones, cupids bow (the pointy bit on your top lip) then actually a perfect match and better still slightly lighter is the way to go, if you are also going to bronze or blush. By the way when I say lighter, I don’t mean Marie Antoinette in the 1700’s! Actually this option means you’re getting ahead of your makeup game in terms of only having to contour with bronzer where you want to set back as you’ve already highlighted! 

I’ll just pop the blusher here, that’s how I’ve always done it! Don’t fail your face, believe it or not, where your blusher is applied really makes a difference to your face shape. So as rule of thumb you should smile, apply from the apple of the cheeks and sweep up diagonally towards the ear. However here are a couple of don’ts. Steer away from putting blusher too high up i.e. near the cheekbones or around the temples. And steer away from dusting blusher over most of the cheek. Use a little product to start with and build it up slowly.

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